Martial arts are combat sports that allow to defend oneself but also to get in shape, to develop personal discipline as well as spiritual strength.

Choose according to your needs and objectivesSince the dawn of time, martial arts have fascinated spectators and attracted neophytes. They encourage perseverance, concentration and the surpassing of…Before asking yourself who a punching bag is for, you need to understand your interests. And there are many of them. For starters, it allows you to train on your own at any time of the day. This aspect should not be neglected: you can train as long as you want, as long as your motivation allows it. No need to complain if you miss your routines because your sparring hasn’t trained you enough, go work them against a punching bag, no more excuses. However, you will need to own one, but think about buying smart, so go for a second-hand punching bag.

In Paris, Arabic dance in its diversity

Egypt, Syria, Palestine, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia, Comoros.Seven countries are hosting the second edition of the Printemps de la danse arabe, piloted by the Institut du monde arabe (IMA), in Paris.Ju......